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       Our services include:

  • Wireless Network Design

  • Wireless Access Point Installation & Setup

  • Multi-vendor WiFi/Wireless Router Installation

  • WiFi Hotspots

  • Outdoor Broadband Wireless / WiFi

  • Point to Point Wireless

  • Point to Multipoint Wireless

  • Wireless VOIP

  • Wireless Video Surveillance, Wireless Security Cameras & Systems


Wireless Network Services


There are four major areas to be explored when developing a wireless installation design and all should be considered in terms of future expansion as well as current needs.


  • Range and Coverage: The physical area and characteristics of the space where wireless coverage is needed must first be defined.

  • Data Rate and Capacity: Determining the required data rate and capacity are essential to assessing the number of access points needed for the site.

  • Interference: It is important to assess potential sources of interference, both now and in the future.

  • Connectivity and Power Requirements: Networking constraints within the environment are among the most commonly overlooked issues that must be included in the site survey.


TCSS uses tools such as AirMagnet Site Survey Pro to measure performance between access points, identify sources of interference, and guide access point placement. These factors are essential when supporting high data rate communications because they help determine the number of access points needed for good coverage and adequate bandwidth. 

Survey Considerations


With today’s ever increasing demand for wireless access, many of our customers in retail, commercial office buildings, hospitals and private homes have come to us requesting assistance with their WiFi installations. Prior to any wireless installation project we'll discuss your goals and objectives identifying your bandwidth needs, security requirements; certificates, pre-shared keys, and guest access. After we’ve developed a document which outlines your needs, a physical site assessment will be performed to inspect and document the site and provide you detailed information for the planned installation.

The location is assessed and evaluated with the following objectives:


  • Identify construction characteristics that will affect the installation

  • Metal soffits and light fixtures that may cause signal obstruction or multi-path reflection

  • Portable/mobile carts, storage units, vehicles, or other obstructions that may exist in the environment but not depicted in a floor plan

  • Walls that cannot be penetrated (glass, steel, poured concrete, etc).

  • Potential regulatory issues (building permits, fire code requirements, etc).

  • Kitchens and or other areas where microwaves are present.

  • Identify aesthetic concerns (exposed or hidden Wifi devices)

  • Confirm accessibility for cable runs relative to device placement and network equipment.

  • Determine the number of devices required for sufficient coverage

  • Identify the specific locations which will provide maximum coverage.

  • Discuss Wifi controls and console options in multiple device installations: Meru, Cisco, Ruckus and others.




Wireless Assessment

Wrapping It Up

We’ll insure you have a timely and cost effective wifi installation. Understanding your goals and future plans is an important step. We’ll take the time to provide you with the latest information available on products and best practices. Planning is key to a successful implementation and we’ll work with you and your staff to make sure everyone has a thorough understanding of the work to be performed before the implementation begins. We’ll make sure we provide your staff with all of the necessary training to operate you new system, and we’ll be there to back you up should you ever need assistance.



We work hard to exceed your expectations every time, and bring you customer service that is unmatched by any other company. You’ll get the attention you need from our staff, regardless of the size of the project.  Each customer is equally important to us, and we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our job.

Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to offer you complete testing, installation and certification of any network wiring project.  Every technician is industry certified, and has the necessary experience and qualifications to offer you a full manufacturer system warranty on any product.

The integration of computers in your home or business needs the knowledge of a professional who understands the intricacies of computer networking.  TCSS Communications specializes in the installation of computer networks that provide reliable and easy transfer of files and communication amongst employees or families.


You may wonder why you need to have computers networked? The answer is simple.  It allows you to easily share files and communicate with family members in your home or employees at work.  Computer networking also allows for just one Internet connection instead of having to run lines to all.

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