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Sound Masking

TCSS is a company committed to providing acoustical products that enhance productivity through increased privacy.  Sound Masking systems are deployed in hundreds of millions of square feet of space including government agencies, healthcare facilities, financial services, and commercial organizations.

Sound masking systems combine exceptional audio performance, low impact installation, and affordability. They can also integrate paging and music functionality to provide a complete audio solution and create better acoustic environments.



The use of our products will make the workplace more effective, efficient, and comfortable for employees to perform their daily tasks. We are dedicated to the profitability of our clients through increased productivity


Reduce Noise Distractions And Protect Speech Privacy

In today's office, intelligible speech, caused by smaller cubicles with shorter panels, have robbed many employees of their privacy and ultimately much of their productivity. Through the use of a properly designed Sound Masking System, you can rectify this situation and restore those lost dollars you so richly deserve.


You can trust our years of experience and knowledge to utilize the best solution for your office acoustical problem. Call us today to see how our products and services can benefit your company.

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