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A Projector Screen Installation is only as good as the projector that is been used with, whether you are a using motorised projection screen, manual, rear projection or fixed frame screen the material and size of the screen is just as important as the projector itself. As there are numerous projection screens on the market we always tend to stick to a known manufacturer therefore giving you piece of mind that your screen doesn’t fail at a critical moment.

Projection Screens Installation

As part of the projector screen installation one of the main issues within a room or venue is the ambient lighting which can totally wipe out your presentation system so careful consideration must be taken when positioning your audio visual projector and projection screen, whether the lighting is repositioned or a high brightness projector is installed we will provide you with a complete audio visual installation solution.

Projector Lift Installation

These type of projector lifts have been designed to fix between standard joists and the revolutionary fixing system which consists of a metal plate above the ceiling allows for straight forward installation from below, so you don’t even have to take up any floor boards above.

Due to the low profile design it can be installed in a standard 8″ ceiling void without any problems therefore not taking up too much space and still be concealed in the ceiling.

Projection Screens

If a more discreet projector screen installation is your requirement within your boardroom then we can install recessed projection screens that are installed flush with your ceiling, this can either be in a standard 4:3 or in a widescreen format and creates a more impressive presentation as the screen housing is hidden above your ceiling. One step further would be to have a projector lift which retracts into the ceiling void when not in use and can be synchronized to lower at the same time as the projector screen.

Projector Installation within any business can enhance the presentations for both your clients and staff, whether you are promoting your latest products, services or even training your staff on recent sales figures or software and each business may be different in the way it achieves this. A complete audio visual equipment design and projector installation can be achieved using the correct projector and screen solution within any venue but is has to be the correct resolution and brightness to achieve the desired end result.

Our custom projector installations are so varied in the commercial sector as we have installed numerous systems into places of worship, training rooms, museums, bars and hotels that we feel that we can design, supply and install an audio visual system into any type of commercial venue.

With so many projectors on the market it is often overwhelming to many people on what projector to choose as customers are requiring more from their audio visual systems, but as we have access to a vast range of manufacturers we can recommend the ideal projector installation solution for your needs or requirements. This may be a high definition projector and screen or even an interactive projection solution using the latest touch screen technology.

Projector Installs

Our projector installations cover many aspects of an audio visual equipment system from a custom projection system which may include a ceiling mounted high brightness commercial projector, motorised screen and appropriate sound system within a training or boardroom to a custom large screen projection system in a hotel ballroom.





When considering a projection system space is sometimes a major issue within your training room, classroom or meeting room then it may be possible to install an ultra short throw interactive projector on a wall arm bracket projecting directly onto a fixed frame screen, therefore there will be no issues with shadows or people walking in front of your presentation at a crucial time.

Projection Systems
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