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Phone Systems
Smart Communications Solutions

Highly scalable communications are within reach with the OfficeServ 7000 Series of phone systems. With five platform variants, your OfficeServ system can grow with your business. OfficeServ platforms offer a reliable and user-friendly interface with a low total cost of ownership.




Designed to make your employees more productive, Samsung OfficeServ phone systems provide you with best-in-class communication solutions and cutting-edge functionality at an affordable price.

OfficeServ 7000 Series comes in four variants, from the entry level 7030 to the 7100, 7200, 7200-S and 7400 for more complex environments. Whether you are a small office or a midsize business, Samsung phone systems can be configured to accommodate up to 480 extensions at a single site or combined to link up to 1,000 sites. Whether your sector is health care or education, finance or government, Samsung OfficeServ phone systems offer the communication solutions your business needs.




Business Communication Systems offer:
Smart Communication Systems
  • Reliable and user-friendly systems

  • Simple and easy-to-use office phones

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Software upgrades at no extra charge

  • Wireless capabilities to support remote workers

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Reduced operational cost

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