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Paging Systems

Background music, pre-recorded announcements, zoned paging, and emergency evacuation broadcasts can all be done easily with the help of TCSS. We’ll help you broadcast quality audio through analog, digital, wireless, or IP-based systems from a single intercom system in one building or across a network of intercoms in your building portfolio.

We focus on the latest generation of audio technology, and can even integrate paging and voice evacuation systems onto one shared network.

On-Site Paging

From small, private paging systems to large, public systems, TCSS can design, install, and maintain the infrastructure for your employees to send and receive voice, numeric, and alphanumeric pages.

We’ll design a paging system that meets the needs of your organization today, but also anticipates upgrades and future growth.

Whether you’re looking for a paging system that consists of desktop and portable paging transmitters, or a more robust system that interfaces with a LAN or WAN, TCSS can integrate these systems for you. We can engineer paging systems that send pages from phone extensions, e-mail, security systems, and alarm contact.




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