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An Audio Visual Equipment Installation within a Meeting Room, Training Room or Boardroom vary for each business whether the requirement is for just a simple audio visual projector installation and motorised projection screen. A fully integrated AV Equipment Installation that incorporates a custom sound system install along with an integrated AV control system, we will advise you on the best AV Solution to consider and work within your budget and requirements.

We have found that an audio visual equipment installation within a meeting or training room is different in one way or another whether we have installed ultra short throw, high resolution or high brightness projector along with large projection screens and an integrated professional sound system. We have installed these systems with boundry or radio microphones and professional speaker systems, we will always try and find the appropriate AV Solution to suit the room and the environment.

Our company has installed numerous AV systems into meeting rooms, boardrooms and training rooms and will always endeavour to provide you, the client with the most cost effective and reliable audio visual equipment installation based on your requirements but most of all your budget.

Meeting Rooms
Audio Visual Equipment Installation

When planning an Audio Visual equipment installation careful consideration must always be taken into account such as the brightness and resolution of the projector, the size of the projection screen and whether the meeting room or training room suits a large screen TV display or even a projection system itself, we will of course advise you on the correct audio and visual system.

AV System Installation

Our AV system installations within these type of rooms have become increasingly necessary over the years to provide staff with up to date training on products, sales figures and company presentations and in some instances these rooms have sometimes been used for recreational activities such as cinema rooms where staff can watch a large screen TV during their break.


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