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Home Theatre

When deciding on a home cinema projectors installation for your theater room there are quite a few factors to take into consideration when planning your home theater room such as ambient lighting within the room so not to interfere with the projected image, the size of the screen, the brightness, resolution and contrast ratio of the projector and whether to purchase a DLP or LCD projector or even a 3D projector.

We take into consideration all these factors when designing projectors installation systems to give you the best quality equipment within your budget giving you the client a trouble free and impressive home cinema installation.

Home theater systems should be designed around the equipment you are planning to install rather than trying to use a room as your home entertainment room, but this is not always the case, but we can design and install a projection system and surround sound system to suit your dedicated space.

Our home cinema projectors installation service vary so much in each residential property due to the fact that each room is different in so many ways, but because we have access to numerous home cinema projectors we can always find a projector to suit both your requirements and budget.

Home Theatre Systems

Many Home Theatre Systems don’t just just consist of a Home Cinema Projection system but may also incorporate a bespoke surround sound system installation to compliment your home cinema experience.

Our home cinema company can design and install Home Theatre Systems to suit virtually any type of room within a home whether your preference is for a more discreet sound system with ceiling speakers or high end surround sound speakers we will advise you on the best solution.

Home Cinema Install

The main aspect ratio of most home cinema projectors is 16:9 as this is considered to be the format of most movie collections which determines the format of the projection screen ratio but there are customers who do have older films that are still in a 4:3 format, but we tend to install a 16:9 widescreen projection screen as this will cover most situations.


Our company installs high quality home cinema projector screens which must compliment your home cinema room but most importantly be the correct size and format for your home theatre projector to give you a even distributed image.


Whether you decide on recessed or wall mounted electric home cinema projector screens or even a fixed frame screen for your dedicated home cinema room setup both items need to be installed correctly to get the best experience from your investment and to create a impressive home cinema system experience.

With the recent introduction of 3D Films and Blu Ray there is more demand on the perfect projector screen to display your favourite films in stunning quality whether this be in front projection format or rear projection, the correct home cinema projector screens must be used to get the best possible experience.

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