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Computer Hardware Upgrade


Advances in computer hardware happen at the speed of light. Every day, new products are designed to make your home or business computer run faster and operate more efficiently, or operate special programs that are introduced to the market.  For most people, a lack of proper knowledge prevents them from making good decisions about the hardware they need for their computers.  The professionals at TCSS Communications will help you in the selection of computer hardware that would benefit you the most.

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when performing a computer hardware upgrade. That is why the staff at TCSS Communication takes the time to consult with you to understand the exact goal that you are trying to accomplish.  With this knowledge, we will recommend the computer hardware that will accomplish your goals and keep you within your budget.  If you have an older computer, we may recommend purchasing a new computer as it may be more cost effective.

Computer Hardware Upgrade Services from TCSS Comunications



At TCSS Communications we work with each customer on a one-on-one basis. There is no one size fits all method at TCSS Communications Computer Repair.  Each customer will get personalized service to ensure that their home or business computers receive hardware upgrades that will provide a system that runs optimally and efficiently.

Some of the computer hardware upgrade services that we offer include:

  • Computer Hardware Upgrade Consultations

  • Analysis of Existing Computer Systems

  • Recommendations for Available Hardware

  • Installation of New Hardware

  • Complete Testing of New Hardware Upgrades


There are many computer hardware products available on the market. Some of the products that we can install in your  home or business include:

  • Hard Drives

  • Audio Cards

  • Video Cards

  • Memory

  • Software

  • Media Readers

  • Motherboards

  • Modems

  • Processors

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