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File Transfers

As new computer systems are purchased for homes and businesses at TCSS Communications or surrounding counties, many files may need to be transferred to the new system.  The problem is that some computer systems may not be compatible.

TCSS Communications specializes in data migration.  No matter if you want to transfer files to a new computer at home or business, or have upgraded to new computers and servers, we can handle the file transfers.  We will map out the older data sources, or files, and convert them into the format of the new system.  A thorough verification process is conducted to ensure that all files are transferred properly and that none are missing.

Computer File Transfer Procedures

At TCSS Communications we take a methodical approach to data migration.  Here are some of the steps that we take to ensure the proper transferring of your most precious data.

Types of Files

Assess Types of Files to be Transferred –  We will look at both the old system and the new computer system to clearly understand the data type specifics and languages of both systems prior to attempting transfers.


Plan Out File Transfer –  A detailed plan will be developed to choose the best way to transfer from the old computer system to the new one.


Extraction of Data Files –  This is the actual transfer of files between different systems.


Cleansing of Data Files –  This is the time when we check all files for viruses and malware and will ensure their removal prior to transfer.  This ensures all files being transferred are safe.


Verify the Files Have Been Transferred Properly –  All transferred files will be validated to ensure that all information is intact.  This will be the time that any unforeseen issues will be addressed and rectified.

Don't take a chance with the transfer of valuable data files.  Plus, don't waste your valuable time that can be used to enjoy your family or run your business.  Let the professionals at TCSS Communications take the headaches out of the data migration process.

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