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Directional Boring


If your project does not require a trenchless technology then our trenching services may be your solution.


Trenching units vary in size and utilize a boom on the back that has cutting blades designed for specific soil or rock conditions. The trench travels along churning up the earth and creating a trench. Depending on what is being buried the trencher will create a open slit in the earth about 6"-12" inches in width and a depth ranging from 24" to 60" depth. The crew will then "place" the cable or pipe and back filled the trench. This method of burial is best utilized in more rural areas such as along roads, through fields, and in new construction zones.

Experience Matters

Results Matter

Our Directional Boring Division, using the latest Trenchless Technology, installs underground conduit with minimal disturbance of the ground surface. By using the directional boring method, conduit can be installed without open trenching in areas under parking lots, driveways, roads, etc. Conduit configurations vary, and can be anything from in 2” PVC to multiple 4”or 6”conduits, and more! The size and number of conduits installed are determined by the requirements of the individual project. For longer conduit runs, pull boxes, or access points, also vary in size and configuration, and are typically constructed of concrete or high density poly-plastics.


The real advantage to directional boring is the trenchless installation. This allows conduit projects to be completed without disruption of traffic flow, and with little or no negative impact on the aesthetics of the property (landscaping, etc.). In some circumstances it may be beneficial and cost effective to combine directional boring with conventional open trenching methods. Our team of professional experienced technicians use the latest technology in equipment for all aspects of the project, including utility locating, tracking conduit insertion site restoration, etc.

Directional Boring: How It's Done

There is simply no substitute for experience. Combine our mass amounts of quality experience with the hands on approach of TCSS management team and the hard work ethic of our employees, and you can trust your project will be done right, on time, on budget, and safely.


The experience of our renowned management team shares more than 100 years of experience in the HDD industries. Included in this large amount of experience is an assortment of different geographies and soil types on a national scale. Our experiences in such a diverse amount of locations and working conditions translates into knowledge, enabling us to envision potential challenges before they materialize so that we’re always ready with a solution. When you call upon a company for horizontal drilling, whether it be for, utility, telecom, or any other pipeline project, you need to work with someone that you can trust to provide the upmost quality of work. In order to find someone that you can trust, you need to search for a company with the right experience and equipment, not to mention, safety and environmental records to get the job done on schedule and on budget. You need to know you are going to the most qualified place to get the job done right.

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