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New Computer Systems

Have you ever had to set up computers in your home or business? It is often difficult and very time consuming trying to figure out which cord goes where, which software you need and how to load the software. Let TCSS Communications take care of the headache of setting up your new computers. TCSS Communications proudly serves homes and businesses in Randolph and the surrounding counties.

System Setup


TCSS Communications offers many computer system setup services for homeowners and businesses in communities in TCSS Communications and the surrounding counties. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Consulting on Computer Hardware, Software and Networking Equipment

  • Design Computer Systems to Meet Your Budget

  • Complete Setup of Computers

  • Installation and Configuration of Software

  • Transfer of Data Files From Old Computers

  • Setup of Network

  • Organization of All Cabling

  • Installation of Anti-Virus and Malware Software

  • Setup of Connections to the Internet

  • Training on the New Computer System

  • Exceptional Customer Support

TCSS Communications will professionally help you setup new computer systems in your home or business. Let us come in and expertly get your new computer system setup exactly how you need it, get all of the software loaded, transfer all files to the new system and get you up in going quickly.

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