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Audio Systems

Surround Sound Systems may not be a big priority as part of your home cinema system installation in your living room or dedicated home cinema room, but it is still as important as the rest of the equipment that you have. Having a high quality home speaker system is a must when going to the expense of having a home theater installation as there is no point investing your money in sub standard surround sound systems.

Space and decor is nearly always an issue in the living room, so a smaller, satellite speaker system may be the best option, but not always the best solution, if you desire a more discreet surround sound setup then consider using home cinema ceiling speakers that are recessed into the ceiling or even use in wall speakers installed in the surrounding walls and if budget allows consider the installation of subwoofers that can be mounted in a stud wall, giving you a complete bespoke home entertainment system.


Home Cinema Speakers
Surround Sound Systems

In a typical surround sound setup we tend to use ceiling speakers that come in various sizes and with different power ratings, along with speakers with angled drivers therefore directing the sound to your favourite listening position so gone of the days of using unsightly wall mounted speakers in the corners of the room when you can use a fairly discreet ceiling speaker for your home audio or home cinema listening experience.

We can offer a variety of high quality surround sound systems designed for use in a dedicated home cinema room giving you the client a full discreet surround sound setup by using in wall speakers and in wall subwoofers that work well for either a 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre surround speaker system. So if you need to keep a room fairly clutter free rather than using floor standing speakers we would recommend using either in wall or in ceiling speakers

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